The Fourth Industrial Revolution is already here. From energy to agrochemicals, cutting-edge modern technologies such as cloud computing, AI, machine learning, mixed reality, and more, have brought about remarkable changes to how we live and work. This modernization has led to a massive amount of data to gather, appreciate, and act on.

Microsoft offers smart manufacturing solutions to industries, delivering critical products and services from agile factories and intelligent supply chains. The company is committed to helping manufacturing customers comprehend the GDPR and its effects, while offering insight on formulating strategies to move toward GDPR compliance and provide the required tools and applications. Microsoft’s extensive set of cloud products and services are built to address the most demanding security and privacy demands.

Microsoft helps you find ways to build the skilled workforce you’ll need to be successful in the future. In, this context, the software giant and the National Association of Manufacturers are helping organizations prepare their employees for new challenges and new opportunities in today’s fast-changing world.

The Future of Manufacturing

Learning how to revamp your business model by substituting complexity with intelligence across the whole value chain is key to the future of manufacturing. With the manufacturing industry getting more competitive, your success hinges on the capacity, skill, and ingenuity of your workforce. This impels you to explore ways to attract, train and retain the people you need to be achieve success.

While artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing about revolutionary changes in the manufacturing sector and offers a judicious look at how society can respond to some of the challenges created by the technology, there’s a need to draw out new laws and regulations to address workforce disruption and develop artificial intelligence more ethically and responsibly.

Microsoft Industry lets you optimize factories and supply chains with digital marketing technology, which, in turn, helps you empower and equip your employees with the skills to success in digital manufacturing setting

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